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    Home and office cleaning in Los Angeles that’s affordable and dependable.

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    Home Cleaning

    Affordable and reliable home cleaning and maid services in Los Angeles

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    Office Cleaning

    Dependable janitorial and office cleaning services in Los Angeles

Let us do the dirty work!

Los Angeles trusts ReyesCleaning.com to keep their homes and offices clean.

Multiple locations in your neighborhood

Why Los Angeles chooses us?

At ReyesCleaning.com, we provide quality house cleaning, maid services and janitorial services. You can depend on us for quality yet affordable maid service as well as janitorial to keep your home or office clean consistently.

Let us do the dirty work, and see why all of Los Angeles chooses ReyesCleaning.com. We’ll clean, and you spend your time doing something else!!

Los Angeles is our Family

Our customers are like family, and most have been with us since the start. This is because we solicit feedback regularly through surveys after every cleaning, and we adjust your service accordingly. We offer affordable cleaning services matched with some of the best cleans in Los Angeles.

Our Employees Make the Difference

We hire employees right here in Los Angeles, not contractors. They truly are what separates us from the competition. They’re highly trained, professional and courteous. Just take a look at our many online reviews! Day after day, our customers are excited to recognize the hard work of their favorite cleaning teams.